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Forensic Interview

  • Forensic Interviews are a crucial element of the investigation. Interviews provide substantive information that can be used during the investigation. The questions asked and the way in which they are presented may affect the outcome of the interview. The environment in which the interview takes place also has a significant impact. CPRC provides a safe, secure, and welcoming environment designed specifically with the child's needs in mind. Forensic Interviews are conducted in a manner that is legally sound and of a neutral fact-finding nature. 

  • Once a referral is made to CPRC, a staff member will typically reach out to the child's caregiver to set up a convenient time for the interview.  Interview lengths vary greatly depending on the age and developmental level of the individual being interviewed. Families should plan on spending a minimum of an hour at CPRC, although the process may be longer depending on circumstances. 

  • Interviews are conducted in a separate room. All interviews are videotaped and the investigative agencies involved may observe the interview from the observation room. All individuals who are interviewed are made aware of the camera and any observers. 

  • The interviewer will spend time orienting as well as learning about the individual being interviewed in order to facilitate the best possible outcome. 

  • Following the interview, members of the investigative team and/or the forensic interviewer may meet briefly with parents/caregivers to explain what they can about the investigation and answer questions about what will happen next. 

  • CPRC strives to minimize the stress associated with a forensic interview and makes every attempt to obtain all necessary information in a single session.  However, some situations may necessitate a multi-session or subsequent interview.

  • All forensic interviewers are certified in forensic interviewing and are trained to work with various developmental levels. 

  • As the forensic interview is reserved for investigative purposes, only the assigned investigative agencies are allowed to view and observe forensic interviews. 

  • During the forensic interview, CPRC's Child and Family Advocate will meet with the parents/caregivers to review the interview process and be available to answer questions and offer resources and referrals. 

  • CPRC respects the rights of all we serve. All information at the Center is treated respectfully and protected by state and federal privacy laws. Regardless of the outcome, the process can be stressful for families and it is important that everyone gets the support they need. Please let our staff know if we can be of service. 

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